OfficeZilla's technology provides you, your team and your customers with a robust, easy to use technology platform. It's your website — and your brand — powered, managed and maintained by the OfficeZilla network. It was developed specifically for the needs of your business buyer. It's easy to use, designed with the best-in-class customer experience, and it's mobile-friendly—so your customers can order on the go.

  • Impress the tech savvy millennial and the e-commerce power user
  • Entice your long-time customers to finally place their orders online
  • And give your buyer at the large, multi-location company the tools she needs to make her job easier!


Advanced digital merchandising makes shopping easier, more productive and more fun for customers, while also increasing the average order size for you. Robust procurement tools include multi-level approvals, cost center code allocation tools, and personal vs. shared company-wide lists to impress even the most sophisticated procurement managers.


Our order management tools are designed for maximizing margins. We've learned that every independent dealer has unique needs to balance against multiple distributor and buying group price plans. We get it! So we've developed intelligent routing rules to help you seamlessly maximize your margins. Don't worry—we'll even take the time to learn about your business, help you setup those initial rules, and then revisit with you as needed. Over time, those rules will evolve to fit your business like a glove.

Powerful customer insights to guide your growth

Everything you and your reps need to know about your customer is easily accessed from one simple dashboard view. Find the details you need without running complex reports or navigated multi-step menus. Current shopping cart, recent searches, revenue and margin trend lines, purchase history detail and summaries, and invoice payment history are all easily accessed and viewed alongside CRM data.


Yes, that's right! There is no separate license to purchase. We've taken the core features of the most popular CRM systems and built them right into our dashboard. And we made it SIMPLE. Schedule or log your customer and prospect activities, pull reports based on last activity date, and compare activity data to all key customer data points such as revenue trends, margin trends, etc. Actionable insights are right there for you—all you have to do is record the touch points. With the CRM built right in, your sales reps have no excuse not to finally document their activities!


We get your price plans loaded each month and keep the content updates coming from your suppliers and distributors. You've got more important things to focus on. But that's just the e-commerce platform—there's a lot more to our solution. Check it out here.

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